Streamline Asset Management with Ease

ai-powered automated workflows

The perfect solution for seamless asset management.

workflows with sitehound

Increase accuracy, reduce errors, and save time.

asset tracking

Get real-time tracking of assets, including location, status, and usage.


Schedule maintenance tasks and send notifications when they are due.

issue resolution

Set up automatic processes to resolve asset issues. 


Reduce manual intervention and free up time by automating repetitive tasks.


Steps and processes can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

data integration

Integrate with other data sources to provide a comprehensive view. 


Provide reports and analytics on asset performance, usage, and maintenance.


Use Sitehound to collaborate and maximize efficiencies within your team. 

mobile access

Assets are tracked and updated in real-time using automated workflows.


Automate tasks to ensure your organization is compliant. 

Let us show you how! Reach out for a demo.

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